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unleash the power of npayme to attract an audience that truly cares about your cause and content and drive success
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easy. as it should be.

With npayme, our goal is that everyone—every creator, every cause, every consumer—prospers the more you grow. With our revolutionary Web3 payment system, creators, causes and charities can easily use social media to promote their offer, while incentivising affiliates to spread the word and instantly earn rewards.

Grow an audience that truly cares about your cause and content and spread your message through affiliates whose earnings increase the more you prosper.

npayme easy

it just takes 3 easy steps:


access npayme promotes with NPAY tokens then decide who receives what

npayme create


share any npayme on social media

npayme share


all USDC funds are directly transferred to recipients (including affiliate rewards)

npayme earn

you are in total control

What would it mean to be able to generate an unlimited audience for your cause or content without going through a middleman? Think about how powerful your message would be if you could enlist others to amplify your work and spread the word. We don’t need to wait for a world of limitless potential—we’re already living in it. npayme is designed to deliver that potential, here and now.

npayme control

npayme promote is insanely viral with share and earn

Social embeddable npayme is the only solution on the market that lets your users share and earn. It converts your customers to promoters supercharging your offering.

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power of web3

the power of web3

As a multidimensional payment and settlement system, npayme promote is an equitable and open network that leverages the efficiency of Web3 technology and the reach of traditional social media. The process is simple:

creators and charities have full control

  • You decide what cause or content you want to promote with your npayme
  • You establish the guidelines and the rewards that affiliates receive to incentivize traditional social media promotion.
  • While your npayme is distributed via social media, all USDC payments and NPAY utility rewards are instantly distributed by smart contracts.

the result?

The most powerful and prosperous way to be compensated for driving interest, attention and promotion ever conceived.

Anyone Can Support Anything… and Earn!

so what is the result of npayme’s innovative platform?

an entire ecosystem of interactions and exchanges begins to take root, and you are in total control

creators flourish:

  • Use npayme to sell products, services, or subscriptions to content.
  • Leverage Analytics and Attribution to achieve in-depth awareness of your campaign’s effectiveness.
  • Boost your audience to spread the word
npayme creators


  • Raise USDC for the causes that matter most to you by building new audiences.
  • Amplify with Analytics and Attribution that will provide you with actionable insights.
  • Demonstrate the importance of your cause via affiliates who can share informed opinions.
npayme charities

affiliates prevail:

  • Support creators and causes you believe in and earn.
  • Promote creators and causes to earn unlimited rewards with immediate returns.
  • Avoid unnecessary fees or middlemen that keep you from the creators you care most about.
npayme affiliates

no account needed. just connect your wallet and go!

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