introducing NPAY

The Native Utility Token unlocking npayme’s dApp Suite


The NPAY token entitles holders with access to npayme’s decentralized applications and governance mechanisms.

As the networks native utility token, NPAY is also used to incentivize development, adoption, and decentralization of the network.

Additionally, NPAY is used as a governance token for the npayme DAO, enabling all holders to shape the future development and growth of the npayme network.

Access dApp Suite

Use NPAY to unlock npayme create, promote, and reward

npayme suite
NPAY and social networks

Govern the Future of the Network

Submit Proposals and Cast your Vote to improve the platform

Explore npayme’s Full Utility

Use NPAY to access exclusive groups and opportunities


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Get $NPAY Tokens

You can directly convert ndau tokens into NPAY tokens. As part of the greater ndau ecosystem, NPAY leverages ndau’s existing adoption based supply curve to ensure a sustainable future for the NPAY token and platform users.

ndau to NPAY

no account needed. just connect your wallet and go!

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